Who We Are


Business Diversity Leadership Alliance (BDLA) is a close-knit, family-like organization that supports the College of Business undergraduate programs at Colorado State University.
BDLA is an organization that strives to educate, enlighten, and impact social justice and diversity related issues. Being that BDLA is a service- oriented club, members volunteer and participate in a wide range of community service activities that benefit the university and the broader community. Members facilitate social justice workshops for other clubs and organizations, faculty, and peers around campus in attempts of spreading awareness and inspiring activism. 

Check out our recruitment video! https://vimeo.com/261036524

**Lifetime membership is associated with all members who join our organization. BDLA continually strives to maintain meaningful relations with our alumni and current students.

Involvement and Awards


Most Involved Member

The most involved member award is given at the end of each semester to recognize the member who has participated in the most BDLA events. This member demonstrates leadership and commitment to BDLA, diversity education, and recruitment and retention within the College of Business.

  • The​ winner for Fall 2018 is Sean Sutanto

Yearly Contributions

  • COB Fall Kick-Off Barbeque
  • CSUnity
  • Fall Clean-up
  • Treatsylvania
  • Children's Miracle Hospital Dance Marathon
  • Cans Around the Oval
  • Project Homeless Connect
  • Relay For Life

Other Responsibilities

  • College of Business Commencement ceremony preparation and execution
  • Diversity-to-Go facilitations


"BDLA’s mission is to strengthen business professionals with engaging dialogues and service learning while providing individuals with the tools to advocate for justice and inclusion for all"